Post Chemo | Complete Remission 5

The last month has been a complete blur!!!! With finishing chemo, the birth of our daughter (more on that in a separate post!), and gearing up for radiation there is a LOT to update.

This post will be short and sweet: James finished Round 12 of chemotherapy on January 30th. On February 27th he had his post chemo PET scan to see how well the chemo worked… and on February 28th we got the greatest news of our lives (besides of course finding out we were pregnant with miss Lyla)…. JAMES IS OFFICIALLY IN COMPLETE REMISSION.

PRAISE JESUS HALLELUJAH!!!! After several scans throughout treatment we finally heard those beautiful words. The radiation oncologist said he responded so well to treatment that he actually gets the choice of radiation! (Which he will do as a precaution as to lower the chances of a relapse.)

We honestly can’t describe the relief we feel. Thank you to everyone who has been there for us during this time. We meet with radiation in the morning, most likely he will have 20 days of radiation and then by April finally be done with this nightmare.

In the meantime we praise the Lord for His healing power and the strength to juggle sleep deprivation, full time job, and radiation! This is truly the happiest time of our lives. More on our beautiful Lyla James Casey in the next post!!!!


With love,

The Casey’s

5 thoughts on “Post Chemo | Complete Remission

  • Auntie Lisa

    Love you all! Tell James that I hope that my prayers help, of course with the many 1000’s of others ❤
    With all of my love and prayers- God Speed
    Love you, James and Lyla

  • Kari

    Praise Jesus indeed!!! Still praying faithfully for your precious family. So happy for this good news!

  • Michelle price

    All the best to you both and now you can continue to enjoy your lives together with your gorgeous princess i would just like to wish you all the best for the future xxxxxx

  • Vicki Michel

    Thank you, Jesus!! I am so excited about the remission. God is so good. And I can’t wait to see pictures of that beautiful baby.
    Our Lord is so Good and so Faithful. He is worthy of all the praise that we can give Him.
    I often think of the times Rene’ and I talked about our children, our dreams for them, our desire for
    their spiritual lives to be strong. And I think of all the prayers she prayed for all her family. And I believe those prayers are eternal – they are still resounding in the throne room. The Lord has answered so many of her prayers and I know He will continue to answer all of them.
    I love you two people so much. And I rejoice in your good news. You’ve weathered the storm and the sun is beginning to shine brightly again. Bask in the light and love of Jesus.
    Love ya, Vicki Michel

  • Courtney Nichols

    Such great news! I have thought about James for many years and it is great to find him here! Growing up and knowing his parents and siblings, James always stood out and I knew there were special plans for his life! Congratulations on your sweet family! May you savor every moment you all have together! Thanking Jesus for this good news! Thanksgiving always precedes a miracle ?

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