We are so excited to announce that Baby Casey will be here February 2017!

This journey has been one of tears, negative doctor reports, miracles, laughter, and being in just plain awe of our Savior.

I’ll save the details for another blog post, but know that no matter WHAT the doctors tell you, OUR GOD IS BIGGER!!! We cannot wait to welcome our beautiful rainbow baby oh so soon!!!!

Now to think of some names…. 😉


Natalie & James


Baby Casey Balloons 1


Baby Casey Announcement Onsie Natalie Casey


Baby Announcement James Casey Natalie Gore                                       Baby Casey Announcement Onesie Kendra Scott Earrings


Baby Casey Announcement 2017


Baby Announcement Balloons Casey


Baby Casey Announcement Ultrasound Sunset


Baby Announcement Sunset Kiss


Baby Announcement James Casey Natalie Gore 2


Baby Casey Announcement Sunset Ultrasound

Photo Credit: Hailey Gore, Toni Gore

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