Summer Make-Up Newest Additions 1

Hey guys! Today I had the urge to do a little retail therapy (and actually ended up at the shops two hours before they opened… oops!). I thought I’d share with you a few of the highlights from my mini shopping – spree 🙂

Since I have an obsession with all things Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, when I found out they had two new perfumes (Rose & Bourbon) I HAD to try both. After walking around the store with one on each arm, I decided to go with Rose. When I got home though, James ended up liking Bourbon better so I may end up back there to get the other one as well!!

I also picked up the Tartelette in Bloom pallette and I can NOT WAIT to try them.

The final two pictured below, Nars Lip pencil & the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer both ended up being free because of my “Sephora Points” (that I didn’t even know I had!) So that was a nice surprise!!

What are your summer make-up favs??? (and is anyone else counting down the days till fall?!)




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